KND Labs: The CBD Compliance Standard - KND Labs

KND Labs: The CBD Compliance Standard

By KND Labs

KND Labs: The CBD Compliance Standard - KND Labs

KND Labs: The CBD Compliance Standard

With an increasing number of CBD products on the market, it can be difficult to know which companies you can rely on for your CBD needs. As the leader in certifications in the CBD industry, KND Labs is setting the CBD compliance standard. Our dedication to excellence has earned the trust of global brands, labs, and manufacturers around the world as their trusted CBD supply chain partner.

Safety, compliance, and consistency are essential to your business. In order to surpass our partners’ expectations, we ensure that our facilities adhere to the strictest manufacturing certifications in order to produce our top-of-the-line products. We do whatever it takes to go above and beyond industry standards because of our Four Pillars.

  1. From Soil to Oil. Through our proprietary CBD manufacturing processes, we focus on biomass control from seed stock provisioning to produce the highest quality of product for CBD, CBN, and CBG isolate wholesale.

  2. Quality. By producing CBD in our own cGMP facilities, we are able to maintain the quality of product that our CBD supply chain partners and customers expect. It has been our commitment to self-regulation that has earned us the trust of our various partners, brands, labs, and manufacturers around the world.

  3. Single Source - KND Labs produces 100 percent of the CBD we sell and do not rely on brokers or third parties, which allows us to guarantee purity and potency. We are built upon the premise that you should know where your ingredients come from and how they are processed.

  4. Scalability - With orders ranging from 1 to 10,000 kilos per month, KND Labs has the production capacity and resources to meet any demand. We pride ourselves on the adaptable and innovative processes utilized in our industry-leading extraction and production facilities.


As a premier distributor, KND Labs distinguishes itself from the rest, as it is the best-in-class producer of industrial hemp-derived ingredients and supports top CPG and pharmaceutical companies as their trusted CBD source. Through our in-house chemists, scale production experts, and HPLC testing, our process is structured to adjust to the market and guarantee the purity, quality, and potency of our products.

To provide industry-leading isolates, distillates, and minor cannabinoids, KND’s hemp is grown according to organic methods. All of our industrial hemp is sourced through U.S. growers with registered locations through their State Department of Agriculture. Additionally, every batch is tracked to its originating farm before the process continues. The isolates, broad-spectrum distillates, full-spectrum distillates, and minor cannabinoids we are known for are then produced and stringently tested in our own laboratory facilities.

The quality of our products proves the success of our focus on the Four Pillars. Here are a few examples of our most sought after ingredients: 

  1. Our CBG, CBN, and CBD Isolates all use organic hemp, which is only sourced from U.S. growers who have also registered their locations with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 
  2. Our Apex Water Soluble ingredients, which include a powder and a liquid, are created during a proprietary emulsification process aimed to reduce particle size and achieve a stable, water-soluble product. 
  3. The KND Labs Superior Water Miscible product allows for more applications, as clean taste, clear visibility, and product stability are priorities. 


For a complete list of our products and ingredients, view our Product Catalogue and for more details on the regulation of cannabis-derived products, including CBD, view the FDA-provided resources.

Being one of the few ISO 9001 : 2015, cGMP, and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) certified hemp facilities in the U.S., we can assure best-in-class quality. Our cGMP certifications cover three disciplines in total from cosmetic ingredients, human food, and dietary supplements. KND is also one of the only CBD manufacturers in the world certified as an NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) Preferred Supplier. 

The NASC is a nonprofit group dedicated to enhancing the health of companion animals and horses in the U.S. Our pre-qualification with the organization allows the primary suppliers to use the ingredients and products without additional vendor qualifications required under NASC cGMPs. In order to use the NASC Quality Seal, manufacturers must ensure compliance with its rigorous quality requirements, which is why we proudly display the seal on our products.


Transparency is vitally important to us, which is why we invite R&D, product development, business development, and c-suite leaders to come visit our facilities, and then visit our competitors to see the KND Labs difference. Learn more about our certifications, compliance, and pharmaceutical offerings on our Certifications and Compliance page or contact our compliance team directly.