KND Labs Announces New Division, KND Biopharma

By Nicholas Wilson

KND Biopharma is an enterprise-level supplier and best-in-class producer of hemp-derived Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

KND Biopharma


DENVER (Tues., Nov. 17, 2020) — KND Labs has announced a new division brand, KND Biopharma, an enterprise-level supplier and best-in-class producer of hemp-derived Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

Under its parent company, KND Biopharma is the leader in certifications and compliance in the Hemp Ingredient Industry due to an intense focus and dedication to the quality of process and products. As a part of this dedication to purity, KND Biopharma’s specifically selected hemp seed genetics are greenhouse-grown using organic practices under strict, climate-controlled measures to ensure purity and quality.

KND Biopharma’s available API CBD hemp extract ingredients include the following isolated cannabinoids: CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG, and specialty-formulated Full and Broad Spectrum Distillates. 

Following KND Labs’ recent announcement of its new fulfillment and distribution center in London, the KND family is proud to continue to pioneer global CBD expansion and distribution. 

“It is a great achievement to be a trusted supply chain partner for the hemp cannabinoid ingredients industry,” said David Swanwick, Director of Sales at KND Labs. “Elevating this transformative ingredient to an active ingredient level will continue the momentum of cannabinoids and further unlock their potential benefits.”

The recent announcement of Australia transitioning CBD to pharmacopeia, implementing stricter standards on quality, lack of contaminants and transparent sourcing, emphasizes the importance of knowing your supply chain. KND Biopharma’s API certification standards for its hemp cannabinoid ingredients fills a much-needed void as Australia and other countries focus on additional oversight over hemp-derived cannabinoids.

“We pride ourselves on transparency and compliance throughout our processes and supply chain, which we view as a crucial step for the entire hemp cannabinoid and ingredient industry,” said Nich Wilson, President of KND Labs. “KND welcomes this transparency and I am proud that we can be a global leader for this exciting and ever-evolving ingredient.” 

KND Biopharma is audited by one of the world’s most recognized auditors to ensure compliance with the FDA’s protocols and processes for API, certifying the ingredients for worldwide distribution. KND Biopharma’s API cannabinoid ingredients are suitable for use in pharmaceutical formulations, including the development of cannabinoid-based products, applications, research, clinical studies and clinical trials. All KND Biopharma API products are third-party tested by Euro Fins.

KND Biopharma is honored to be included in the 2020 Biomanufacturing World Summit and eager to continue to deliver API ingredients globally. KND Biopharma is currently supplying its API products in various trials with premier research labs to leading pharmaceutical companies for their product development and for the development of OTC products.