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KND Labs prides itself in being an industry leader in providing paid tolling services through extraction, distillation, crystallization and the isolation of cannabinoids. KND’s hemp is grown according to organic methods. All of our industrial hemp is sourced through United States growers who have registered locations with their State Department of Agriculture and every batch is tracked to its originating farm.

KND Labs is the leader in certifications and compliance in the CBD industry

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21 CFR Part 111 dietary supplements branded icon certification
21 CFR Part 117 Human Food branded icon certification
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Certified branded icon certification
ISO 9001:2015 Certified branded icon certification
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Biomass Tolling

Biomass tolling and extraction, using utilizing a cold ethanol method. KND provides biomass tolling for Crude, THC Free Distillates or Isolates.

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Purification of hemp-derived crude oil through the regulation of heat and pressure. KND provides distillation for Crude to Raw or THC Free Distillates.

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Chromatography used to separate and isolate compounds and cannabinoids using their differences in polarity. KND provides remediation for Crude, THC Free Distillates or Isolates.

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Isolation to remove Cannabidiol (CBD) using the chemical process of crystallization. KND provides isolation for Crude, THC Free Distillates or Isolates.

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