KND Labs - The Best in CBD Cosmetic Ingredients - KND Labs

KND Labs - The Best in CBD Cosmetic Ingredients

By KND Labs

KND Labs - The Best in CBD Cosmetic Ingredients - KND Labs

The CBD-infused Cosmetics industry is taking off, and the use of CBD ingredients within the cosmetics and skincare industries is quickly gaining popularity. From face creams, serums, body lotions, and even makeup, many cosmetic manufacturers are incorporating CBD ingredients into their products. Rubs and balms are shifting to CBD ingredients to aid in their effectiveness against achy joints or stiff muscles.

 What Types of Products are Used in CBD Cosmetic Ingredients?

From topical products such as creams, serums, body lotions, balms and skin oils, there are an increasing variety of finished skincare products that incorporate CBD into their ingredient list. KND Labs is an ingredient partner with some of the largest cosmetic brands in the world. But which of our products make the best additions as CBD cosmetic ingredients? Let's take a closer look at some of the most common:

From high-quality isolates and distillates, like our Crystalline CBD Isolate and our Premium Broad Spectrum Distillate, to water-soluble formulas like our Apex and Superior Water Solubles, KND Labs prides itself on providing our customers with the purest quality CBD cosmetic ingredients that meet the highest standards of industry compliance.

Why Choose KND Labs?

Since products we apply to our skin are virtually the same as ingesting them, the quality of the ingredients used for topical products is of equal importance. KND Labs is certified to European Union cGMP cosmetic standards. Cosmetic ingredients certification ensures compliance with manufacturing standards and best practices in the production of cosmetic ingredients. This guarantees that our cosmetic ingredients comply with regulations that ensure product quality in terms of both materials and production processes.

At KND Labs, we pride ourselves on being an enterprise-level supplier and best-in-class producer of all hemp extracts.  We support top CPG companies and our CBD is found in many cosmetic products throughout the world. KND Labs is the leader in certifications and compliance in the CBD industry. Our facilities practice stringent records and traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process and adhere to some of the strictest manufacturing certifications. This has earned us the trust of supply chain partners supporting recognized consumer brands across the cosmetic industry.

Partner With Us

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