CBD-Infused Pet Products: When Quality Counts - KND Labs

CBD-Infused Pet Products: When Quality Counts

By KND Labs

CBD-Infused Pet Products: When Quality Counts - KND Labs

The use of CBD ingredients in pet products is quickly gaining popularity. Veterinarians are increasingly recommending CBD oil as a means of treating a host of issues for the family pet. Like humans, dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system that allows them to benefit from CBD oil.


Published studies have shown that CBD can be effective at reducing pain scores in dogs with osteoarthritis. In fact, a small Cornell University study on 16 dogs with osteoarthritis showed that a twice-daily dose of CBD oil helped minimize pain and increase activity. Other research has shown that giving CBD oil to dogs with epilepsy can help reduce the frequency of their seizures.

CBD has also become a popular treatment to help curb anxiety in pets. While there haven’t yet been any randomized, controlled clinical trials that looked at these markers, anecdotal accounts show promise. According to a 2018 study in Frontiers in Veterinary Sciencewhen asked about the effectiveness of CBD products on dogs with anxiety — either based on their own personal observations or client reports — nearly 225 of 833 vets surveyed said they were “very helpful” in managing the condition, while another 65% said they were “somewhat helpful.”  The same study found that 61% of 379 surveyed vets said CBD products were “somewhat effective” in the treatment of storm or firework phobias.


KND Labs is one of the only CBD manufacturers in the world certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). NASC Preferred Suppliers are pre-qualified companies that supply products and services to NASC Primary Suppliers. Pre-qualification allows Primary Suppliers to accept and use these products and services without additional vendor qualifications and procedures required under NASC cGMPs. The program helps ensure total quality confidence throughout the entire supply chain, from start to finish.

Here at KND Labs, we prides ourselves on being an enterprise-level supplier and best-in-class producer of all hemp extracts. We support top CPG companies and our CBD can be found in a wide variety of pet products. Some of the most common of our ingredients utilized in pet-friendly products include our CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum Distillate, Water Solubles, Full Spectrum Distillates, and Minor Cannabinoids.

We are the leader in certifications and compliance , and our facilities practice stringent records and traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process and adhere to some of the strictest manufacturing certifications. This has earned us the trust of supply chain partners supporting recognized consumer brands throughout the pet industry.