How KND Cares and CBD Support Shelter Animals

How KND Cares and CBD Support Shelter Animals

By KND Labs

How KND Cares and CBD Support Shelter Animals

In 2023, a heartening 4.8 million dogs and cats found their forever homes through U.S. animal shelters and rescues. This wave of adoptions marks a joyful milestone for many pets, but new pet parents may quickly realize that rescue animals have unique needs. Transitioning from a shelter to a nurturing home environment can be challenging for both pets and their new families, but it is also an opportunity to deepen bonds, practice patience and empathy, and adapt to a life together.

Recognizing the importance of this delicate transition phase, KND Labs introduces its compassionate initiative, KND Cares. This article will explore how KND Cares leverages the calming properties of CBD to aid shelter animals in adjusting to their new homes and offer insights into the science behind CBD for pets and how it supports their well-being during times of change.


Understanding Shelter Animals' Needs

Shelter animals face a daunting amount of stress that can affect their emotional and physical well-being. These animals often carry the weight of their past experiences with abuse or neglect, which can manifest as undesirable behaviors that require patience and understanding from their new families.

Common behavioral issues observed in rescue pets may include:

  • Excessive barking or howling
  • Separation anxiety
  • Destructive chewing or scratching
  • Aggression towards people or other animals
  • Fearfulness or shyness
  • House training accidents

While these behaviors can be difficult and confusing for new pet owners and families, they are usually temporary responses to a new and unknown environment. Patience, consistent schedules, regular training, and a stable, loving home are key to helping pets adjust. Additionally, incorporating CBD into a pet’s routine offers a natural means to foster calmness and well-being, supporting a smoother, more comfortable transition.


Easing Transition: How CBD Supports Adopted Pets

CBD has sparked a revolution in pet care, particularly for newly adopted furry companions trying to find their footing in new homes. A recent study by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) on the safety of CBD in dogs sheds light on this natural compound's safe and effective role in enhancing pet wellness. The 90-day study showed that cannabinoids were tolerated well by healthy male and female dogs, with no animals exhibiting serious adverse events. These findings indicate that high-quality, third-party tested CBD is well-tolerated by pets and offers potential health benefits, making it a compelling addition to wellness routines.

So how exactly does CBD for pets work? Simply put, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is present in all mammals, including dogs and cats. The interaction between CBD and ECS cannabinoid receptors helps establish balance and regulate physiological processes, leading to an increased sense of peace and calm. 

For rescue animals transitioning to a new home, CBD can effectively reduce physical and mental discomfort and offer substantial benefits, including:

  • Stress Reduction – CBD's calming effects can significantly reduce stress levels in pets, helping them feel more secure in their new surroundings.
  • Anxiety Alleviation – For pets dealing with separation anxiety or phobias, CBD provides a soothing effect, easing their apprehension and promoting a sense of peace.
  • Improved Sleep – Proper rest is crucial for a pet's health and adjustment. CBD can enhance sleep quality, ensuring pets are well-rested and more adaptable.
  • Behavioral Balance – CBD can play a key role in moderating behaviors like incessant barking or scratching, creating a more harmonious household.
  • Enhanced Comfort – Beyond mental health, CBD offers physical benefits by alleviating discomfort, improving mobility, and contributing to a pet's overall quality of life.

Through these benefits, CBD becomes more than a supplement but a vital component of a holistic approach to pet care, especially during the adjustment phase. This isn't about substituting love and patience with a miraculous solution; rather, it's about enhancing those efforts with a natural aid that supports pets' physical and emotional well-being. CBD for pets can be supportive and transformative, offering hope for animals navigating the journey from shelter life to a loving forever home.


KND Cares: A New Hope for Shelter Animals

The KND Cares initiative aims to support shelter animals' emotional and physical well-being and ease their transition to new homes. This comprehensive program is split into two main components: first, it supplies animal shelters with a CBD-based product designed to alleviate anxiety and stress among shelter animals, providing them with a sense of calm and comfort during their stay. Second, KND Cares extends its support to adopted animals by offering take-home kits to new pet owners. These kits, enriched with CBD products, are specifically tailored to help pets adjust to their new environments, reduce anxiety, and promote overall health and well-being.

Through this dual approach, KND Cares enhances the quality of life for animals while they await adoption and ensures a smoother transition for pets as they move to their forever homes. The initiative highlights KND Labs' commitment to animal welfare and their dedication to CBD's potential in supporting pets through significant life changes.


A Brighter Future with KND Cares

KND Cares is committed to improving the lives of shelter animals and easing their adjustment to new homes through CBD. This initiative bridges the gap between animal welfare and the benefits of CBD and offers an innovative solution for anxious or distressed rescue pets and their new families.

To learn how you can support KND Cares or to register your animal shelter or rescue organization, visit our site and join us in creating a brighter future for pets in need.