KND Labs Introduces CBDV, New Industry-Leading Ingredient - KND Labs

KND Labs Introduces CBDV, New Industry-Leading Ingredient

By Ashley Gustafson

KND Labs Introduces CBDV, New Industry-Leading Ingredient - KND Labs

KND Labs is excited to bring the latest product of industry-leading ingredients to the market, CBDV.

Structurally similar to the most well-known cannabinoid, CBD, CBDV is shortened by two methylene bridges and is extracted and refined into a clean, potent isolate. 

Because of the two cannabinoids’ similarities, CBDV is also non-psychoactive and possesses similar benefits such as reducing inflammation and nausea.

Our CBDV is processed into a fine tan powder with no significant odor or color and is soluble with oil. CBDV is a great addition to existing customer products to further increase efficacy. 

We are already seeing KND customers use our CBDV in new-to-market formulations and along with our industry-leading Cannabinoid Isolates and broad-spectrum distillates.  

KND Labs is proud to be an industry leader in compliance and certification, extracting quality bulk ingredients for top CPG and pharmaceutical companies. KND is a certified NASC supplier, cGMP 111 and 117, ISO 9001 certified and Kosher certified.

Our teams are consistently adapting processes to deliver the cleanest and most consistent hemp-derived ingredients on the market. Our in-house chemists and R&D team will work with you to create custom blends and adapt ingredients to fit any and all CBD needs across a variety of applications.

If you have any questions or would like to order CBDV or any other ingredients and products, please email or give us a call at 1 833-KND-4-CBD.