Why an API Certification is Important for CBD Suppliers - KND Labs

Why an API Certification is Important for CBD Suppliers

By KND Labs

Why an API Certification is Important for CBD Suppliers - KND Labs

While demand for CBD products in the health and wellness industry continues to grow steadily, so does the need for quality and safety assurance. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are the biologically active component in a drug that produces the desired effect. 

CBD is the active component found in medical marijuana. Given cannabidiol's use as a therapeutic agent in relieving anxiety, seizure disorders, and pain – without the psychoactive effects of THC – CBD has become a beacon of hope for those who suffer from debilitating neurological illnesses such as Dravet syndrome. However, more regulation approvals and government funding are needed for CBD to thrive as an API.  

CBD companies that partner with API-certified suppliers guarantee their consumers use CBD products that pass stringent tests for quality and safety. 


What is an API Certification?

Determining that any drug you consume is from a reputable source is crucial. 

Drugs that are API certified have been placed through a strict third-party evaluation to assess a producer's quality system and their control in monitoring a product’s quality and safety. 

According to USP, a third-party verification program, products that are API-certified go through the following procedures:

  • Manufacturing facility audits for good manufacturing practice (GMP).
  • An assessment of quality control and manufacturing (QCM) documentation.
  • API laboratory testing for accuracy in meeting specifications.
  • Ongoing monitoring. 

As with other certifications and compliances, CBD manufacturers with the label ‘API certified’ demonstrate a deep commitment to quality and safety. 


Why You Should Partner with an API-Certified CBD Company

The U.S. and European market is highly regulated, and manufacturers must find suppliers that can offer reliable, high-quality products. According to Pharma Manufacturing, “As such, it is likely we will see European suppliers, or indeed those in the US, become the go-to choice for manufacturers, particularly for specialty APIs and those requiring careful handling.” Because CBD is evolving as a more widely accepted form of medicine, the focus on how it is regulated continues to be up for debate. While the FDA has yet to regulate it, companies that emphasize demonstrating compliance and safety measures have a leg up on the competition. 

When you partner with a certified supplier, you ensure that your customers receive the following:

  • Ingredients that meet strict compliance guidelines
  • Products backed by evidence in support of their quality and safety
  • Best-in-class ingredients assessed by third-party entities


Consumers Deserve Uncompromised Commitment to Quality CBD Products

CBD has massive potential to change the face of medicine as we know it, and we have barely scratched the surface.

Beyond being compliant, certifications are essential if companies want to demonstrate their commitment to quality and safety. Doing so shows consumers that you are confident enough in your ingredients to place them under intense scrutiny to gain the approval of trusted industry authorities.  

Are you a CBD brand looking to partner with a leader in compliance and certifications?

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