The Importance of Working With a Trusted CBD Supply Chain Partner - KND Labs

The Importance of Working With a Trusted CBD Supply Chain Partner

By KND Labs

The Importance of Working With a Trusted CBD Supply Chain Partner - KND Labs

When developing a new CBD product, choosing a trustworthy CBD supply chain partner can be one of the most critical elements to a successful launch. Finding and partnering with a credible CBD supplier allows you to confidently share the details about your sourcing with customers. It also helps ensure a consistent product. As more and more CBD products become available for those seeking benefits,it can be hard to know which suppliers to turn to for safe, top-quality CBD ingredients. As the most compliant and highly certified supplier in the industry, KND Labs can confidently say you’ve come to the right place in your CBD supply chain partner search.

Careful Sourcing

It is critical that your CBD sourcing partner is one you can trust and easily work directly with to answer any questions you may have. Although the increasing availability of available CBD in the marketplace is something we want to celebrate, it is also imperative to make sure your ingredients are completely safe. 

Since CBD has become more lucrative, many farming operations have begun supplementing or replacing original crops with hemp. Loose regulations have allowed improper farming practices to arise, such as pesticide use or improper processing of the hemp. This is why knowing the source of your hemp and working with someone knowledgeable about the product and the proper growing/extracting practices is important. KND Labs prides itself in being an industry leader in providing paid tolling services through extraction, distillation, crystallization and the isolation of cannabinoids. KND’s hemp is grown according to organic methods. All of our industrial hemp is sourced through United States growers who have registered locations with their State Department of Agriculture and every batch is tracked to its originating farm.

How to Vet Potential CBD Supply Chain Partners

As you begin narrowing down potential partners for your CBD ingredient needs, the next step should be to ensure the quality of the product. Typical product tests should look for heavy metals, molds, pesticides, percentage of cannabinoids, THC percentage, and terpenes. We at KND Labs do whatever it takes to go above and beyond industry standards because we know that safety, compliance, and consistency are essential to your business. We believe that you should know where your ingredients are sourced and how they are processed. We invite R&D, Product Development, Business Development, C-Suite leaders to come to visit our facilities, and then to visit our competitors. At KND Labs, the difference is clear. We practice stringent recording and traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process, with in-house and third-party testing and industry-,leading documentation provided with each sale. 

What to Watch Out For

What are some potential red flags when choosing a CBD supply chain partner? Here are a few major ones to watch out for:

  • If the supplier does not offer testing or only tests for one ingredient, that is a major sign their product is not processed safely or correctly. 
  • Consider the country in which the hemp is processed. Although sourcing from an outside country may be attractive from a cost perspective, you could very well be sacrificing quality. Sourcing domestically also helps ensure your CBD meets U.S regulations. 
  • Make sure your supplier is transparent with their documentation. As you search for sources, ask them for a copy of their processor license to make sure they’re complying with all processing standards and protocols. Regulatory compliance is easier to monitor with a domestic supplier. 


As the future of CBD products continues to evolve, CBD business owners must do their due diligence to guarantee the offer of safe, consistent quality products to their consumers. Taking the time to adequately research CBD supply chain partners will benefit your products in the long run. If we can answer any of your safety or compliance questions as they pertain to our certifications or ingredients, don’t hesitate to reach out!