KND Labs Release New FreeFlow™ RELAX & UPLIFT Products - KND Labs

KND Labs Release New FreeFlow™ RELAX & UPLIFT Products

By KND Labs

KND Labs Release New FreeFlow™ RELAX & UPLIFT Products - KND Labs

Two new first-to-market products available to order today!

We are proud to announce the launch of two new best-in-market CBD products, FreeFlow™ RELAX 2:2:1 Distillate & FreeFlow™ UPLIFT 1:1:2 Distillate.

Our in-house food scientists and chemists formulated the two new best-in-market products — FreeFlow™ RELAX Distillate & FreeFlow™ UPLIFT Distillate. RELAX & UPLIFT each combine the perfect blend of cannabinoids and terpenes for a desired effect, allowing our customers to efficiently formulate and build quality CBD products without lengthy leadtimes due to R&D.

RELAX & UPLIFT are first-to-market combinations of specific cannabinoids and terpenes commonly found in hemp plant varieties. 

Based on feedback from customers, RELAX brings a calming feeling to both the mind and body while UPLIFT acts with an uplifting response, boosting the energy and mood of the mind and body.  

"Adding RELAX & UPLIFT to KND's market-leading FreeFlow™ distillates removes the guesswork for formulators and brands," says our President, Nicholas Wilson. "As the hemp-derived ingredients sector matures, our customers are looking to strengthen their brands. With the launch of these new products, KND is proud to support our customers as they add new SKU's, refine efficacy in their existing products or efficiently launch entire new brands."

In addition to ready-to-use oil formats, KND's new RELAX & UPLIFT products are available in our industry-leading water soluble formats, KND APEX Water Soluble™ and KND Superior Water Miscible™. These powder and liquid formats serve as key ingredients for cosmetics, topicals, supplements and beverages.

"Having both RELAX & UPLIFT as a part of our water soluble technologies is a game-changing shift for the industry and reinforces KND's industry-leading commitment to innovation, quality and certifications," says Dave Swaniwck, Director of Sales for KND Labs. "I am especially excited for use of these new products in upcoming beverage and supplement formats."

To learn more about RELAX & UPLIFT in FreeFlow™ form, KND APEX Water Soluble™ and KND Superior Water Miscible™, and order these groundbreaking products, please contact or call 1-844-KND-4-CBD.